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amanda (dot) km (dot) studio (at) gmail (dot) com

Amanda KM is an Egyptian-American visual artist who uses video, installation, and performance to explore the connections between object and subject. Throughout her work, she amasses objects, which are deemed invaluable, to mark a particular time or event. She was raised in Texas and, in 2005, graduated from the University of Houston with a BFA in Photography and BS in Psychology. In 2013, she earned her MFA from University of Plymouth, UK. She lives between Cairo, Egypt and Houston, Texas. Her current work focuses on the evidence and residue of intimate conversations held between women in Cairo. KM exhibits internationally, and in 2014, she received a grant from The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture for Filtered Conversations at Round Table. In 2018 she and Eto Otitigbe co-curated Topophilia, a video art exhibition with 16 international artists in an abandoned farmhouse in Nees, Denmark. Recently, KM is a 2023 Creative Capital Awardee for Tankugbe Incubation Lab as part of eo Studio, founded by Eto Oititgbe.

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